International Journal of Statistical Analysis

International Journal of Statistical Analysis offers itself as a multifaceted and all-inclusive bridge between classical aspects of statistics and analysis, and the emerging interdisciplinary aspects that have a potential of revolutionizing the subject. We publish high quality articles in all branches of statistics, probability, discrete mathematics, machine learning, and bioinformatics.

International Journal of Statistical Analysis will be a useful resource to those solving practical problems, at the same time enabling them to benefit from ideas developed in other domains. It will be an international journal, with an interdisciplinary focus, covering areas which are becoming increasingly important, and likely to remain so in the foreseeable future.

Statistics and the public interest:For statistics to be used effectively in the public interest, so that policy formulation and decision-making are informed by evidence of the good of society.

Education and statistical literacy:For society to be more statistically literate, so that people’s understanding of data, risk and probability can inform their daily decision-making, leading to better outcomes.